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IMPRESSIONS Voyager en Arménie par le biais des randonnées jalonnées de sites somptueux et de paysages variés est une belle découverte, un avant goût qui nous donne l'envie intense de revenir... — Nicole

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The climate is highland continental with cold winters and hot summers. The average annual precipitation amounts to 443 mm.
Winters are cold (average temperature for January is -11.6° C, on the highlands it can be -40 ° C). Summers are hot and sunny (average temperature for June is 21.5 ° C).  It is very hot in July and August ( 30 °- 45 °), but it can be chilly in the evenings in the mountains.    The climate is hot from  May to  October and the sun dominates from  March to  November.   Spring and autumn are the best seasons.
The climate of Yerevan at around 1000 meters altitude is quasi-continental (the summers are drier compared with the classic continental climate).
The climate of Nagorno-Karabakh is an exception. Being located within 800 meters of altitude, the climate of the region is more continental or Mediterranean with hot summers but with less cold winters than in the rest of Armenia.

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